Monday, November 05, 2007

Written in the Flesh

Written in the Flesh

A twelve minute short video introduction to the works of David Cronenberg. I thought this was very interesting in light of the discussion we'd been having in class about what industry and technology does to the way we think about the human body. Warning: disturbing content. Cronenberg tends to make videos that are really, really messed up.


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Paul Wise said...

Pretty freaky stuff, but well worth giving some serious thought. What does the body mean? How does the transformation of the body and of the way we think about the body through issues like abortion, liposuction, plastic surgery, diets, exercise regimens, television programs, the internet, and so on, affect our thinking?

What sort of people do we become now that the body (and the body's processes) is not a thing you are necessarily born with, but a thing which can be modified, transformed, altered, conditioned, circumvented, rendered docile, and made useful to whatever purpose?

There is both great potential and great danger here, I think.